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The MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions (MACS) in Maryland is a non-partisan group of concerned alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - scientists, academics, doctors, business people, and engineers. We are alarmed by the threat climate change poses to our beloved state and, indeed, the entire planet. Our objective is to provide Marylanders with an understanding of climate change and the actions we must take to prevent the most serious damages (see our Web Portal).

Climate change is a global problem and urgent responses are needed at all levels. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) assessments have detailed the far-reaching and unprecedented responses required . The international community of nations responded with the Paris Agreement in 2015. Limiting carbon emissions immediately, through reduction in our carbon footprint, will lead to lessening global warming, and ensure a more sustainable world with clear benefits to people and natural ecosystems.

We are seeking people to spread the word that the problems for Maryland are extremely serious and to help develop solutions to our climate change challenges. The longer we wait to take the needed actions, the more difficult the problems will be to address. Our immediate goal must be to start reducing carbon emissions by 2020 followed by their elimination within a generation.
We are currently developing pathways to 50 % reduction by 2030 and net zero-carbon emissions by 2045. We are also providing information in the 2019 Maryland Legislative Session.

As a first step, we wrote an Open Letter to Maryland's leaders on climate change, which was signed by 100+ MIT alumni in Maryland and published as an OpEd in the Baltimore Sun: “Maryland MIT alumni: The state can help prevent climate disaster. We asked Maryland's elected leaders to write statements of commitment to carbon neutrality, and have already received statements of support from many, including Senators Cardin and Van Hollen, and Congressmen Sarbanes, Cummings, and Raskin.

We continue to ask for statements of support from more of Maryland's elected leaders who are committed to making Maryland Carbon Neutral Within a Generation. Leaders should email statements to: Statements will be posted on our website.

The MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions group is a member of the MIT Alumni Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Network (EESN) and MIT Climate community. Register on MIT Climate and Join the Team!

- Shiladitya DasSarma, Ph.D. MIT '84