MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions

Avoid the Unmanageable and Manage the Unavoidable
The MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions in Maryland is a non-partisan group of concerned alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - scientists, academics, doctors, business people, and engineers. We are alarmed by the threat climate change poses to our beloved state and, indeed, the entire planet. Our objective is to provide Marylanders with an understanding of the actions we must take to avoid future catastrophe.

We are seeking people to spread the word that the problems for Maryland are extremely serious. The longer we wait, the harder the problems will be to solve. Soon, it will be too late to prevent damage to our state. We need to confront climate change now. As wise people have said, our goals must be to avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable (American Scientist, 2007).

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To Maryland's Leaders

Email your statement of commitment to make Maryland carbon-neutral within a generation to:

Read Statements from Maryland's elected leaders and others supporting climate solutions, and

Baltimore Sun OpEd: “Maryland MIT alumni: The state can help prevent climate disaster