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The MIT Alumni for Climate Action (aka MACA) is a non-partisan group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni concerned about
the devastating effects of climate change. We support action at all levels to communicate the urgency of the problem and reduce the risk and damage from climate change. We support science based interventions in the energy, transportation, industry, and agriculture systems such as the rapid development of renewable wind and solar energy capability and elimination of fossil fuel usage to drastically reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

As our first action, a group of MIT alumni in Maryland sent an open letter on climate change to all candidates running for public office in the state in October 2018. The letter was signed by more than 100 alumni and sounded the alarm on the effects of climate change. The letter was supported by US Senators and Congressmen, and State Senators and Delegates, and helped support the Clean Energy Jobs Bill in the state. The group also provided background information on climate change and its effects on the state, nation, and world,
available from our Educational Resources page and Web Portal.

The MACA group mission, history, and organization is briefly summarized in a one-page document and our mission, rationale, and supported actions are summarized in our Mission and Action Plan. More details of actions in progress for 2020 are available to MIT Alumni on our MACA page and Site Map; check them out to learn more about our current work. All MIT Alumni are invited to sign-up to join the MACA Team, and everyone is invited follow the group on Twitter. The MIT Alumni for Climate Action group is a member of the MIT Alumni Energy, Environment, and Sustainability Network (EESN) and the MIT Climate and MIT Open communities.

For a recent report on climate change, see the US Global Change Research Program Climate Science Special Report (CSSR):