MIT Alumni for Climate Action

 MIT Alumni for Climate Action
Website:  Twitter: @MITalum4climate

MIT Alumni for Climate Action is a nonpartisan group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni concerned about the devastating effects of climate change. We support action at all levels to communicate the urgency of the problem and reduce the risk and damage from climate change. We support science based interventions in the energy, transportation, industry, and agriculture systems such as the rapid development of renewable wind and solar energy capability and elimination of fossil fuel usage to drastically reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

MIT Alumni for Climate Action grew out of a group in Maryland that sent anopen letter on climate change to all candidates for public office in the state in October 2018. More than 100 alumni signed the letter sounding the alarm on the effects of climate change in the state and demanding urgent action. The letter garnered high-profile support from US senators and representatives as well as state senators and delegates. The following year, the Clean Energy Jobs Bill became law in Maryland, establishing a 50% renewable electricity mandate by 2030. 

MIT Alumni for Climate Action organization and activities are initiated by its volunteer. At present, it is comprised of 4 working groups with distinct and complementary focus areas and with specific initiatives within each group:

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