Maryland Actions on Climate Change

MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions
Maryland has a website that explains the science behind climate change called Climate Change Maryland. The state also established a commission on climate change (MCCC) that has developed an action plan and timetable for the state. Maryland's state government has launched programs for citizens and businesses so that all can work together to make a difference. Maryland is part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) with other northeastern and mid-Atlantic states to help lower its carbon emissions.

Maryland also provides opportunities and resources for citizens to reduce their carbon footprint: by recycling and composting, opting for delivery of renewable solar and wind energy, or helping to generate more solar energy at home and work, and acquiring a new electric vehicle and charging station.

Carbon footprint calculators from the EPA, Nature Conservancy, and United Nations as well as the Union of Concerned Scientists electric vehicle emission tool can help Maryland citizens assess how their individual choices will affect carbon emissions and climate change for the state and the world.

Maryland programs

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