Making Maryland carbon-neutral in a generation

Responses to open letter on climate change

Brian J. Feldman, Maryland State Senator, District 15,

The Trump Administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement and the November release of the National Climate Assessment leaves no doubt that the stewardship of our climate has fallen to the states. Therefore, I will be introducing the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2019 this Session. This bill promises to not only increase the amount of renewable electricity production to 50% by 2030 but also to facilitate the creation of tens of thousands of new, green jobs and bring billions of dollars to our State.

Additionally, I would also like to voice my support for organizations with the shared goal of protecting and fighting for our environment such as the MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions. Their objectives to ensure the reduction of our carbon foot print, curtail the exponential increase in global warming and ultimately to reach zero- carbon emissions by the year 2045 are ambitious and impressive.

I wish to thank the MIT Alumni for Climate Sessions for their work in this field and I am pleased to pledge my support to their organization.

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