Making Maryland carbon-neutral in a generation

Responses to open letter on climate change

Jamie Raskin, US Congressman, Maryland's 8th district,

Climate change is no “issue” but a here-and-now civilizational emergency and thus the context through which we must examine every other public policy issue facing us, from trade to infrastructure to energy to campaign finance. The devastating dynamics of global warming place all of our ecosystems and our species in peril, and the world is experiencing on a daily basis the catastrophic repercussions of carbon pollution, rising sea levels, vanishing glaciers, spreading drought, accelerating forest fires, proliferating floods, increasing extinction of species, dramatically expanding civil conflict and population displacement, and rising illness and disease associated with dirty air and foul drinking water. Now is the time for sweeping and sustained policy action to break our lethal carbon addiction and propel renewable energy forward.  I am a huge champion of a “Green Deal” for America, a massive investment in our ailing national infrastructure in a way that uplifts our environmental priorities.

 I am a champion of carbon neutrality and am committed to making Maryland carbon neutral within a generation. I also favor sweeping legislative change—whether an aggressive “cap and dividend” policy, which makes the most sense to me, or a carbon tax—to rapidly wean America off of the fossil fuels that are destabilizing the climate and threatening the fate of humanity. Major campaign finance reform—which I have always promoted—is now an urgent necessity in order to break the political stranglehold of the carbon barons, who invest in climate denialism and continuing public investment in the carbon paradigm that is ravaging a human-friendly eco-system.

I received a 100% rating on the League of Conservation Voters scorecard for my voting record on environmental protection and conservation advocacy in the 115th Congress, and I am an active member of the House Safe Climate Caucus. When I first ran for Congress in 2016, I announced my candidacy declaring that I would accept no money from the oil, gas, or coal industries (not that they wanted to give me any money anyway!) and hundreds of candidates have since adopted the same stance.  In the 116th Congress, you can be certain that I will continue to be a passionate champion for challenging the utterly reckless policies of the Trump administration. I stand strong with the MIT Alumni for Climate Solutions in Maryland and will continue fighting to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate the effects of climate change, and carry us into a green, livable and carbon-neutral future.

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