Consumption of electricity in Maryland

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Maryland consumes about 66 TWh of electricity per year, of which 56 % is produced in-state and the rest imported from nearby states. Of the Maryland total, about 50 % results from fossil fuels, 40 % from nuclear, and 10 % from renewables, , including hydroelectric power and utility-scale solar photovoltaic generation (see US EIA and below). The use of fossil fuels results in annual production of about 93 mega metric tons of CO2e of GHG emissions. Maryland's per capita petroleum consumption is ranked among the lowest 5 states. (Nearly 9 out of every 10 barrels of petroleum used in the state are consumed by the transportation sector.) In 2018, Maryland started the second operating US liquefied natural gas export terminal.

The following table provides additional information for the year 2016:

Produced in Maryland TWh      % Maryland        % of Total
   Coal 13.83         37.220.9
   Natural Gas 5.4214.68.2
   Fossil Fuel Total 19.4152.229.4
   Nuclear (Calvert Cliffs) 14.7639.722.4
   Other 0.320.90.5
   Non-Fossil Fuel and Non-Renewable Total 15.0840.622.8
   Hydroelectric Power 1.393.72.1
   Biomass 0.541.50.8
   Wind 0.531.40.8
   Renewables Total 2.677.24
Maryland Production Total 37.16100.056.3
   Net Electricity International Imports 0.17
   Net Interstate Flow of Electricity 28.7
Total Electric Production Used in Maryland      66.03