En-ROADS Climate Solutions Workshop

En-ROADS Climate Solutions Workshop

MIT Alumni for Climate Action
MACA Workshop
Date and Time: July 9, 7:30 PM ET
Facilitators: Andrew Jones, Co-Founder and Co-Director of Climate Interactive and Dr. Tamara Shapiro Ledley, President of Earth Science Information Partners and STEM Education Consultant
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We are all interested in implementing solutions to address climate change and many of us have our favorite solution(s). In this workshop we will explore what strategies have the highest leverage in addressing the climate change crisis. We will test the impact of various solutions including reducing the use of coal, oil, and gas for energy, increasing the impact of renewable energy resources, increasing the energy efficiency of transportation and infrastructure, electrifying transportation, reducing emissions from land use, and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and others using the En-ROADS decision support model (see INTRO and DEMO). We will also explore the co-benefits and equity considerations of these various solutions. This will be an interactive workshop so bring your ideas and think about what your communities are doing to address climate change. We will test what the impact would be if the entire world did the same. You will discuss and test a wide range of strategies and discover as a group what suite of worldwide actions would help limit the increase of temperature to no more than 2 °C by 2100.

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