Our carbon footprint

MIT Alumni for Climate Action
The average American produces more than 15 metric tons (Mt) of CO2 equivalent emissions, which is higher than for citizens of most other nations. In order to explore the reasons, a link is provided to the University of Michigan's Carbon Footprint Factsheet on Sources of Emissions. Several calculators have been developed to determine carbon footprints for individuals and households: EPA, Nature Conservancy, and the United Nations all provide on-line calculators. In addition, links to the Union of Concerned Scientists has an electric vehicle emission tool to determine carbon emissions from gasoline and electric vehicles, and Smart energy solutions to improve energy efficiency are provided. A link to a Guide to Reducing Energy Waste is also provided. The US Forest Service provides advice on healthy trees and forests, for helping cities and communities better adapt to climate change. The Yale Program on Climate Change Communication (YPCCC) provides information on the public's attitude about climate change, its causes, and remedies. These resources will help citizens to better understand the urgency of the climate change problem.